Rewind Wednesday: Progression, Veggies and Mindset

What a week at RD! People's journey's continued as we saw progression from Beth, Will, Elfie, Frimet, Robi and Trish! Your favorite post of the week was our roasted vegetable recipe, and in the same vein, we gave you a final nutrition tidbit to chew on. Here's a recap!

WATCH: Last Week's Achievements!

In fitness, it's very easy to get fixated on the end goal. We want "that body," "that weight," "that body fat percentage." For most, this is a dead end approach. At RD, we encourage people to focus on the process. What's the next step? Little improvements get you there. That's why the goal and achievement boards are so important. 

Last week we saw Beth overhead press a 16 for 3 reps on each side. She's come a long way from pressing that 12! Continuing on his journey, Will got down to one block on his single arm push-up (if you don't know what we mean, click here). Last, but certainly not least, Patsy has dropped another 11lbs! As coaches, we always like to see good things happen to good people. She's been showing up throughout the holidays and has the results to show for it! 

Great job last week team, and thank you for putting in such hard work!

Recipe of the Week: Baked Vegetables!

Lack of time is one of the biggest obstacles people are faced with when trying to live healthier.  This is where, as coaches, we have to help members find small strategies to help them reach their goals. Recipes like this are a great start!

Baked vegetables are easy to make, take little prep time, a few utensils and the oven does the rest. Check out last week's recipe in the video above and find the full recipe here.


Finally, last week we left you with this nutritional guidance. Only care as much as you care. Huh?! This blog post is about putting things in perspective, realizing the emotional energy you have and focusing it in the most productive direction.

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