Rewind Wednesday: One Man, One Pan, One Hand

Every week the achievements board is more full than the week before! When are we going to expand it?! People continue to crush their strength goals during sessions. Outside of the gym, our community loved the One-Pan Pesto Chicken and Veggies and were curious how much they should really eat.

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Watch: Last Week's Achievements

Last week we had more people emerge from their fitness slumber and make it back through RD's doors. We also had a few people have their first workouts and a few people join. This year has been very fun so far, getting to meet people who are making fitness a part of their lives.

Speaking of fitness, Jodi deadlifted double 32k kettlebells and Griff rack pulled 325lbs. Props to "Sketchy Joe" for making it on the board for the second week in a row with compliments from Coach Rob. Joe has put in a lot of work over this past year and we're psyched he's felt the difference in his body and has committed himself to this movement practice. Learn more about Joe here.

Sample: One-Pan Pesto Chicken and Veggies

It's easy to overcomplicate eating healthy. For the average person, when there's a ton of ingredients, their mind tunes out. We're no different at RD. Our members are busy people. So getting them delicious, nutritious recipes that will help them reach their goals is our focus. 

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Article of the week:


Our most popular post last week focused on eating; more specifically, how much should we eat? For a long time "watching what we ate" meant calorie counting and deprivation. Thankfully, the folks at Precision Nutrition came up with a way to be more exact about how much to eat, without going overboard. 

Using your hand, palm and thumb, they've devised a quick way to make sure you're eating the right amount. Click the picture above to learn more.

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