Rewind Wednesday: Kale, Kyle and Cash

Last week's big achievement was the announcement of our 2 winners for the New Year, New You Challenge. We brought you Kyle's story and a tasty breakfast with less than 5 ingredients.

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Watch: Last Week's Achievements

Congratulations to our 2 winners, Frank and Jessica who brought home $1,500 each! 

For our challenges, previously we’ve given members meal plans. A 6 week road map to help them slim down. After that experience however, we found members continuing to follow the plan for months afterwards. This seems like a good idea, but the problem lies in the fact that the meal plan was meant to be restrictive. Over time, members started to burn out and back track because they followed it for too long. 

This time, we reverted back to what we truly believe in; nutrition habits. The results were outstanding. Of the 42 people who finished the challenge, 40 lost fat! Our “biggest loser” was Frank, dropping 20.3 pounds, and in total, all the competitors lost 291.3 pounds of fat. All of this from people exercising differently and adding higher quality foods to their diet.

We’re really proud of all our of members and competitors and hope that the skills they learned continue as the progress in their health and fitness journey!

Recipe of the Week:

Kale and Eggs

How can you get vegetables with your breakfast? Throw them in with your eggs and enjoy!

Try this 3 ingredient recipe from Results Driven! Click the picture for the recipe!

Content of the Week:

Kyle's Story

Results come in many different forms. Vanity. Strength. Health. Quality of life.

Kyle came to us with a performance goal to improve his golf game. What did we do? We did just that.

Here's Kyle's story!

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