Rewind Wednesday: Hinges, Pancakes and Beards

We love our members and we love the all the people who support us, whether we see you on a day to day basis or get your likes and comments. Thank you so much!

Last week you guys loved our protein pancake recipe and supported Joe and his beard. Members loved hinging (which means deadlifts, deadlift progressions and swings). Here’s what happened last week at Results Driven!

Watch: Last Week's Achievements!

In the beginning of the year, there's a great mix of new members and experienced savages getting after it in every workout. Two cool acknowledgements to make after last week were reached by Jess and Kathy C. 

Jess, a member with one year under her belt, took her single arm swing to the next level and gave the 28k swing a shot. She crushed it. With 3 StrongFirst Certified instructors at RD, this is a big deal. We don't want to over-coach or police peoples movement, but we have to make sure everyone's moving safely. To swing 62 pounds with one hand, is impressive. Keep it up, Jess!

Secondly, we want to congratulate Kathy C. for touching her toes. The single arm swing Jess has started with making sure she could touch her toes. Toe touch is our number one requirement for swinging. Each time Kathy has come in for the last month, she went right to her toe touch exercises. After a month, she came in and BAM, toe touch!!! It seems silly, but victories like this are what really excite our members.

Recipe of the Week:

2-Ingredient Protein Pancakes

Try this recipe for an easy, gluten-free breakfast!

Content of the Week:

RD Member Testimonial: Joe's Story

"Everyday stuff is easier now. I can shoot up a flight of stairs at work and I’m not winded by the time I get up there." - Joe of Monroe

Graphic designer. Dad. Beard aficionado.

Meet Joe. He joined us last year for our 21-Day Shred, and since then has become a rockstar with an aggressive beard... and we love it!

Check out Joe's story!

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