Rewind Wednesday: Healthy, Not Skinny

"I don't need to be skinny, I need to be healthy." - Kim R. a.k.a. Ms. Boss

There's been no truer statement uttered between these walls since we opened our doors. Yes, we promote our "New Year, New You" Challenge. We promote fat loss, and strength and nutrition. It's easy to see these buzz words and think, SKINNY. However, that's not something we promote directly. Last week our members continued on their journey's towards better health, and we gave them some more resources to get there. How can you benefit? Read below to find out!

Watch: Last Week's Accomplishments

We want you to be the best version of you possible, and in our opinion, that version is strong, sleeps well, has positive relationships in their lives and eats food that makes them feel good. And that's our goal. RD's is a community that encourages you to be healthy. 

Consistently practicing these lifestyle choices is the key. "Success is not linear," is a quote Coach Ed McKay reminds people of. There are going to be ups and downs in your health and fitness journey, but constantly coming back to your decision to get strong, sleep well, be positive and eat nutritiously leads to what your doctor might consider "healthy" biomarkers (blood pressure, cholesterol, balanced hormones etc.)

Our members don't get on this board by accident. These accomplishments come from showing up trying every day to become that healthier you. Thanks everyone for the effort you put in!

Last Week's Recipe!


To be healthy, we encourage members to eat a protein, vegetable and fat with every meal. Breakfast is one of those times where one of those 3 things is easy to leave out. 

Tackle this obstacle with this easy to make recipe. Get healthier with every meal!

Click the picture to find the recipe.

Post of the Week:

Movement Monday: Quadruped Pull Through

As babies, we learn fundamental patterns that help us become strong humans as we grow. Unfortunately, modern living robs us of a lot of those basic functions we learned as children, which leads to tight hips, shoulders and backs. 

The Quadruped Diagonal Pull Through is one of the movements that puts the "fun" in fundamental. Watch the video and try at home with a weight, jug of water or small pet.

We want you to live healthier!

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