Rewind Wednesday: Goals, Results, Rewards

Acknowledging your own goals, no matter how small, is an easy way to keep the process of achieving your goals more sustainable. That's what the goal board and Rewind Wednesday is all about.

At the end of 2017, we'll have 52 videos showcasing the "little" victories our members had. Even ones as small as peoples first sessions at RD or the time their Stepdown was $$$! Here's a recap of some of the great stuff that happened at Results Driven!

Watch: Last Weeks Achievements

2 achievements we'd like to point out this week come from people who are newer to RD. One is Kathy. Like many of our members, she's not your average gym person, yet she regularly sets aside just 3 hours each week to make it in. Her "$$$ Stepdown" is a great indicator of her progress because that's a hard movement to grasp. It's on one foot, it's uncomfortable, and takes a lot of patience. Her stepdown really is pretty golden though and it only goes to show you don't need to spend 1,000,000 hours in the gym to make progress.

The other person that needs a shout out is Ashley (or Ms. Ashley to her friends). From the moment she called us, she knew her goals. She wanted to be SFG certified. She's already used to reaching her goals. She serves in the Army. She's also very driven, and sometimes it's tough to balance the go-go-go mentality with the learning process.

This week, she broke through and started to kettlebell swing. This is the first milestone in a long list of accomplishments coming her way, as long as she continues to talk to her coaches and respects what it takes to become a StrongFirst instructor.

Great job, ladies!

Recipe of the Week:

Chocolate Chip Coconut Flour Pumpkin Bars

Post of the Week: Beth's Story

Our most popular post last week was highlighting the story of a pretty badass lady. Adopting the process is her middle name. She admits, when she walks through our doors, she is completely focused on herself and achieving her goals.

We all need, "me time." Some of us take longs baths, some head to the gym, swing iron and press heavy things. Click the picture to read and watch Beth's story.

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