Rewind Wednesday: Effort, Meal Prep, and Peppers

A short week at RD doesn't mean members were short of accomplishments. This week we saw a lot of effort, overhead work and swing progressions on the fitness side. RD published our Mexican Stuffed Pepper recipe and we gave you guys strategies for meal prep heading into the new year. Here's a recap!

Watch: Last Week's Achievements

RD members are always the focal point of our weekly recap, but it's important to acknowledge two RD Coaches who are bringing the heat as well. 

Coach Violet and Coach Rob have been on long roads towards their respective goals. On Monday, Violet did get-ups with a 12k for the first time. This is the goal weight for her StrongFirst Kettlebell certification coming up at the end of January. 

Coach Rob is working on pressing half body weight. Getting the 44k (97lbs) overhead is no small feat. It means even more when he's been working at it for months. This week, he pressed the 40k (88lbs) for 2 reps on each side. 

Members were on an overhead kick as well with Beth pressing an 18k for the first time and Sarah pressing double 16k bells. Meanwhile, Shannon pressed for the first time and Sue snatched a 12k. Also, congrats to Kathy and Harriet for their progression in kettlebell swinging and to Chris for swinging the 32k for the first time!

Great work everyone!

Last Week's Recipe: Mexican Stuffed Peppers

Protein... check. Vegetable... check. Fat... check! Getting everything you need for a balanced meal was never so easy! Check out last week's Tasty Tuesday recipe here.

Article of the Week:

Master Meal Prep: 5 Strategies for the New Year

With the new year looming, no surprise this was last week's most read article. People are interested in health and fitness are looking for any way to get a leg up on their new year's resolution.

We elude to the fact that this is not a linear process. Each day is not going to be better than the next, but the point is to never give up. If becoming healthier is your goal, just like gaining monetary wealth, it's important to remember there's always going to be ups and downs. These strategies take time to become part of your daily life but if you keep trying, it will become easier.

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