Rewind Wednesday: Clients, Consistency and Coach Rob's Shake

This week’s… last week’s recap… is dedicated to working hard and reaping the benefits. Our most popular content from last week featured the member testimonial of a super nice lady and Coach Rob's favorite shake. Our weekly achievement recap focuses on 3 people who showed up, did the dirty work and reached a goal because of it!

Here's what happened last week at RD!

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On Monday, we saw Jane and Debbie both start squatting with weight. Then, on Wednesday, Robi came back from his vacation in Hawaii. Typically, not something that would go on the goal board, but it was what he did in Hawaii that was “board worthy.” Let us elaborate.

For Jane, she’s recently got back into the swing at RD. She’s fully capable in most patterns, but squat always seemed to escape her. As a drill, we had her use a pole to keep her upright and safe while she practiced the bottom position of the squat, where most people have trouble. Monday, she tested the waters, using a sandbag to squat for the first time. Most people don’t want to do the pole drill, they want to do the cool stuff. Little do they realize that the drill earns you that cool stuff. Great job, Jane!

For Debbie, she’s new to strength training. She moves well, but lacks strength. With clients like this, we remind them that it’s great that they move pain free, and that the next step is taking advantage of exercises they own to get strong. Debbie’s solid on split squats, and like Jane, used assistance to teach her to squat. Practice made permanent, and last week, Debbie also started squatting!

As for Robi, one goal when was to start doing more outdoor activities with his family. In Hawaii, his wife was excited to visit waterfalls. After missing a turn, he drove to a preserve where there was a waterfall buried in the jungle. He and his wife had to hike 2 miles to get there and 2 miles back. He said he never would have done that before working out at RD but it was worth it to see her so excited.

The rewards of working out aren’t always “abs” and a “butt.” There’s so much more to be had by showing up and working hard.

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