Rewind Wednesday: Chicken, Magic and Iron

Last week member's CRUSHED IT and achievements ran the gamete. We had Mary deadlift double 44 kilogram bells and Colleen deadlift for the first time. 2 people started swinging and 2 people moved up in their get-up. Popular content included our Chicken Teriyaki Burger and "RD's Magic Bullet."

Here's what happened last week at RD!

Watch: Last Week's Achiviements

Recipe of the Week: Chicken Teriyaki Burgers

Chicken Teriyaki Burger!?!? SSSAAAYYY WWWHHHHAAAATTT???

Members tried them, the results are in, and they are delicious! Enjoy this tasty recipe from Results Driven.

Content of the Week: RD's Magic Bullet

If there's one thing that separates us from other gyms it's the fact that we have a movement system based on objective data. We're not here, guessing what exercises are appropriate for you, we look systematically at your movement and use what we learn to build a program that's best for you and your body. 

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This crazy group is missing one thing...