Rewind Wednesday: Charity, Strength and Sole Survivors

Always an inspiring week at RD! We ran into the holiday weekend at full steam. Our oldest member turned "30," the 5:45 crew continued to bring the heat, we had a first time swinger, a first time 40K swinger, and two sole survivors Friday night. Here's a recap!

Watch: Last Week's Achievements!

Monday kicked off the week with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the sweetest women you will ever meet. Sue, had her first workout at "30," on Monday. "I finally learned how to lift." she told us in a recent interview. She hangs, deadlifts and jumps with the best of them! There's no limit for this retired teacher and current grandmother. We're looking forward to what she accomplishes in the next year!

In other news, we had a first time swinger, a first time 40K swinger! Our first time swinger is someone who has stuck with it through thick and thin. Her mindset has been the biggest change since she started. She takes the necessary steps at her own pace and her patiences is what keeps her safe and moving forward. Our 40K swinger is someone who's been at it a long time. It's the best feeling as coaches to see someone adopt strength. This member has already done that, but she's realizing how broad her "strength web" is. Great job to these 2!

Watch the video to see the rest of the impressive feats RD members had this week!

Watch: RD's Giving Tree

Last week, charity came in the form of an all around effort from the RD community. 

Theresa, a member here, has been working with St Patrick's church in Highland Mills for 12 years on their Angel Giving Tree project. Each year, they hang tags on their Christmas Tree and parishioners would purchase toys for local children. This was the first year they expanded their efforts to organizations outside of their church. RD, along with other local churches and schools also collected tags.

The result? 800 local children had their Christmas brightened! Read the rest of the story here!

Article of the Week:

Tasty Tuesday's Balsamic Pork

The most popular article for RD fans was our Tasty Tuesday recipe. Balsamic Pork has been a favorite of our members for some time now. We're not sure if it's this picture of Rob or the simplicity of a slow cooker recipe, but either way, you guys were digging it!

Click the picture to get the directions.

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