Rewind Wednesday: Certified!

January's gone! In February... we're cookin' with fire!

The month started off right with our very own Coach Violet becoming StrongFirst Kettlebell L1 certified! We gave you a delicious snack recipe for the big game, and we rounded out last week with a core move anyone can try. Here's a recap of last week's action.

Watch: Last Week's Achievements

Like we mentioned above, Coach Violet is now an SFG Instructor. On top of that, we added 3 new "swingers" to the ranks. Mother and daughter survived a workout together and Tim is having 2 shakes a day. 

This is all stuff you could see in the video, but it's important to understand that as coaches, we're really excited for everyone on the "better health and fitness" journey. Violet, at 67 years young, may be the oldest SFG Instructor in America. New swingers means better movers. Having 2 shakes a day has helped Tim lose fat in his first month. Having someone to be accountable to especially when they're family, is a great way to stay motivated.

The energy here grows and grows with each person who comes through the door. We really appreciate the hard work they put in, and we hope they appreciate their own hard work too.

Recipe of the Week:

Buffalo Roasted Chick Peas

sexy chick peas facebook ad.jpg

A tasty treat, that's light on calories! Get the download below...

Article of the Week: Half Kneel Halo

"Strengthening your core" doesn't mean sit-ups. Try the half kneel halo and learn to control your core to increase your strength.

Click here to read more.

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