Rewind Wednesday: Carmen, 'Cados, and Coaching

Last week ended on a high note with a high energy session at 10:45am on Saturday. Carmen filled RD coaches in on the impact training with us has made on here. Earlier in the week, we shared a "tasty" tuna recipe with you and you learned how we get members squatting with our Friday Fitness Tip.

Here's what happened last week at Results Driven!

Watch: Last Week's Achievements

At Results Driven, we want to create an environment that encourages members to get strong and have fun. All of last Saturday's sessions were just that. Lots of fun with people getting strong and sweaty. It was an all around great time.

Saturday's session ended with a member, Carmen, sharing her amazement of just how much of an impact Results Driven has made on her. Only being a member for a few months, she was surprised how much more energy she had. She was excited by how much stronger she felt. A coach remarked how different she looked and she let us know all the details of how much better she feels since beginning with us.

The important thing to remember is we are just a place where people congregate to workout. Yes, our fitness system is solid and the coaches are knowledgable and compassionate, but none of that matters if the member isn't willing to do the work. Kudos to Carmen for showing up, busting her ass, and getting it done!

Recipe of the Week: Tuna Stuffed Avocado


We had a strong response to this recipe. People were really excited to try it, and they enjoyed it!

How do you tuna!?!

Friday Fit Tip: Support Squat

Squatting is a powerful exercise. It is a reflection of healthy hips, knees, ankles and feet.

However, lots of people say they avoid squatting because they fear injury.

WE HEAR YA! Check out this video and post about how we get members squatting again.


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