Rewind Wednesday: Breakfast, Dinner, and Celebrations

From last week's most popular content, it's safe to assume our community likes to eat, which is good because we do to! We posted a killer turkey sausage recipe and gave you insight into whether or not it's okay to eat after 6 pm. Last week was also Results Driven's 2 year anniversary at 13 Lake St. in Monroe. 

As long as members continue to crush every workout, we'll continue helping them achieve their goals. This is what happened last week at RD!

Watch: Last Week's Achievements

For members, last week was the expression of a lot of practice. As coaches, we try to remind members that they're refining their skills. We saw it with a few first time movement achievements like Shannon's first split squat with a 10k bell and Christine's first deadlift with a 24k bell.

Practice also means being able to challenge yourself. Betsy, a former fighter, moved well from her first session and moved up to a 28k bell on her deadlift. Mary CRUSHED a 28k squat after being stuck on the 24k for a few weeks.

Our fitness system is effective. Between screening, appropriate exercises and quality coaching, our members move really well! However, when new members start, it's easy to see the cool stuff and want to rush to do it RIGHT NOW. Practice means holding yourself back to build a solid foundation. That's what we saw from these gangster individuals.

Construction 3.jpg

Last week also marked our 2nd anniversary at 13 Lake St. In the background you can see what this space looked like February 26th, 2015. An untouched palate ready for transformation. Ask any member how many times we've changed this space and they'll probably roll their eyes, but we're not afraid to change it up. The demands on the space have changed as we've grown, and new growth is on the horizon.

Again, thank you so much to everyone who has shown their support over these past 2 years. Community is #1 and we have the strongest one around!

Recipe of the Week:

Mom's Turkey Turkey Sausage Patties

__BLANK__ and eggs... does it always have to be bacon?

Click the picture to try this easy, low fat homemade turkey sausage recipe for your next breakfast. It's a member favorite!

Post of the Week:

Eat Great, Even Late: Eating after 6pm

"I workout at night. How late is it okay to eat?"

We get this is a question a lot. If you workout in the evening, Coach Ed addressed the stigma of eating late. Hint: EAT! Click the button for things to consider when eating at night.

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