Rewind Wednesday: Ashley, Fresh Flavors and Avoiding Injury

Last week kicked off April with a bang. RD's achievements board was riddled with Ashley sightings, you enjoyed our Blueberry Mango Shake recipe and we gave you insight isn't just for the injured, it helps you avoid injury. 

Here's what happened last week at Results Driven!

Watch: Last Week's Achievements!

3 days in a row last week, Ashley made the board. This isn't surprising... she's Ashley. A soldier. A driven individual. A cornerstone of the 5:45am crew. From the moment she called to schedule her strategy session, she knew what she wanted. She told us she wanted to be a StrongFirst Certified Instructor. Being in the military, she was looking forward to getting even stronger, crushing her PT tests and she knew functional training would get her there. 

Ashley has definitely gotten stronger but it didn't come without patience. That's why last week's achievements are so much more inspiring. She's driven, but is willing to trust her coaches to get her there. Even recently when a PT test didn't go as planned, she was upset, but came to us looking for guidance and insight on the next step.

Her work ethic and energy are very appreciated by the RD staff and we're pumped to see her continue to progress in her kettlebell skills and her career. Keep it up, Ashley!

Recipe of the Week: Blueberry Mango Shake

Going into spring, it's a chance to add some fresh flavors to your diet.

Here's a refreshing snack from Results Driven with a download for your records. Enjoy!

Content of the Week:

The Injury Stigma Pt1

Most people think about addressing movement after it's too late. When they've already been injured.

As a fitness business, in our opinion, client safety is top priority and anything less is unacceptable. If your gym doesn't prioritize movement, you're doing yourself a disservice. All the cues in the world can't help someone overcome something that is fundamentally dysfunctional about the way they move.

If you exercise, and value your health and well being, check out this video and quick post. Learn how how Results Driven uses a movement screen to determine if a member is at risk, and what we can do to help.

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