Rewind Wednesday: 3 Points, Priorities and Kick-Offs

The first week of the New Year, New You Challenge brought lots of new blood to the floor. Not literally of course, but with 3 team training classes with 20 people, a bunch of newbies got a taste of how Results Driven rolls. Last week, you guys also loved the 3-Point Row and followed along as we brought you more insight into how we coach people on their fat loss journey.

Thank you for your support. We're glad you're liking the content and there's plenty more in store! Here's last week's recap!

Watch: Last Weeks Achievements

This week, we need to recognize all of our more experienced members. In bigger classes, we pair new people with members to help them get acclimated in their first few sessions. Members volunteer to help because they remember being “the new person.” They give first-timers some cues to get started and the coach comes in and cleans up form as they see fit.

Without their help, Results Driven would not be what it is: a supportive place for people to come, get sweaty, have fun and learn some stuff. Members don’t mind taking a few seconds out of their workout to make others feel comfortable. It’s very appreciated!

Watch: Movement Monday - 3-Point Row

Have you ever argued 2 for 1? Didn't think so... The 3-Point Row combines an upper body exercise while reinforcing the hinge. Watch the video, and click here to get the pointers.

Article of the Week: 

Setting Priorities for Health and Fitness

For years, the coaches at Results Driven tried their best, on their own to figure out the best ways to reach their health and fitness goals. This business, and our system, is the culmination of years of learning, trial and error, and dedication to the truth. 

Cardio. Lifting. Running. Diets. What's a proven way to reach YOUR goals? 

Click the picture to learn more about the ideas that drive our training choices.

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