Red light, Green Light: The 1-2-3 Rule

Recently, nutrition meetings have been geared towards “surviving” the holidays.

Members at RD are extremely motivated to see change and they work so damn hard to make it happen. However, members tend to get down on themselves because social gatherings and time restrictions limit their ability to make the decisions necessary to reach their goals. 

Last week, we posted a blog about how to manage holiday engagements (Click here). It provides questions to ask yourself while you’re in the moment to help you make better choices. This is a LONG ROAD! If you expect to live past tomorrow, eating healthy NEEDS to be something you’re working on. We don’t mean KILLING IT, we mean working on it. There’s no perfect diet, so just keep chipping away at your nutrition habits to learn how to balance your diet to achieve your health and fitness goals.

So, where do you stand this season? Here are the 3 levels of holiday commitment to your nutrition:

3= Surging

This means you are all in and trying to create a dramatic change. You’re journaling, measuring and planning to make progress.  You are in contact with your coaches about any challenges you may have.

2= Working on it

This means you really do want to make change, but you’re having a hard time, due to the pressures of the season.  You could go “all in”, but will be disappointed every time you “cheat”.  Instead, map out the times that you can surge and the times you can’t.  Maybe you have 1 good week and then 3 Holiday parties, followed by 3 more easy days, etc.  Plan to make progress during the times that are on the easier side and limit the damage during the more challenging times. Just don’t let a few parties ruin an entire month.

1 = Don’t give a sh*t

You’re not ready to make progress right now. You have given it thought and it’s just not working. That’s fine. Good for you to admit that things aren’t working well. This means it’s time to switch gears. Focus on simpler habits, like making it to the gym 3x a week, drinking more water or getting 8 hours of sleep. It’s the same idea as #2. Getting comfortable with chipping away at an objective.

Again, it comes down to honesty. At RD, there’s no judgement. We just want you to be your best. This is a way to self audit so you can decide how to spend your emotional energy. If you’re surging, you’re all in. If you don’t care, don’t spend your energy feeling bad it’s not working. Pick yourself up by the boot straps and make something else work. You can do it.

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