RD Workout: Squat, Row and Chop

Cliff Notes:

> Resistance training is your first priority when you’re reaching for a health or fitness goal.

> Match an upper and lower body movement with a recovery movement

> Technique is paramount. Use a heart rate monitor or use your breath to audit when to start and stop a set. 

> Perform for 10 minutes.

At RD, our first recommendation for meeting any health or fitness goal is resistance training. This style of exercise combines appropriate “weight lifting” movements to engage as many joints and muscles as possible, encouraging the person to build a stronger body. 

This week, we’ll explore one circuit we put our clients through. In our small group training, we combine one upper body and lower body movement, combined with a recovery or core exercise. Members perform this circuit for 10 minutes and are asked to follow either their MyZone Heart Rate Monitor or their breath to determine rest. Working yourself to a pant has it’s place, but when you’re trying to focus on learning a skill or lifting something heavy, having a steady heartbeat is optimal. 

Goblet Squat:

The lower body movement in this circuit is the goblet squat. Goblet refers to the way the object is held, in front of the chest. This can be performed with a dumbbell or kettlebell. In this case, we’re referring to a KB. Here are the finer points:

1... Grab a kettlebell by the horns;

2... Start by pushing your knees out, keeping the ball of the foot and heel connected to the floor;

3... Sit back slightly, as if aiming to sit on a curb and go down as deep as you can with tension;

4... Find the bottom of the squat and maintain tension, pulling your hips apart from deep in the socket

5... Push your feet through the floor, exhaling, to drive you back up to standing. Lockout and go again.

Inverted Row:

The upper body movement in this circuit is the Inverted Row. Traditionally done with TRX or rings, this is a great exercise for almost anyone. The resistance is created by gravity. The closer you walk your feet to the wall or anchor point, the harder the movement becomes. 

1… Grab the rings or TRX with straight arms and walk your feet in towards the wall.

2… Find your tension. Squeeze your quads and butt to find a nice plank (straight line from shoulders to heels). Take a deep breath in. 

3… Exhale as you slowly pull your chest to the rings. As you pull, don’t let your shoulders creep up to your ears. Instead, concentrate on pulling your shoulder blades down and across your back.

4… Pause at the top. Find full tension. Continue squeezing your quads and butt while keeping your shoulders away from your ears.

5… Push the rings away. Instead of just lowering yourself down, ACTIVELY push the rings away. This will create even more tension and set you up for a quality next rep.

Tall Kneel Chop:


Our recovery/core movement in this circuit is a tall kneel chop. Tall kneel refers to the position the movement is performed in (both knees down). Chop, like a lot of other movements we recommend, challenges the lower body to maintain position while the upper body moves dynamically. Here, we’re using a cable machine, but a resistance band would be acceptable too.

1… With both knees on the floor, set up perpendicular to your cable. Grab the rope.

2… Push your knees through the floor, squeeze your butt, and stay tall throughout the movement.

3… Pull your hands to your ribcage. 

4… Punch across your body towards your hip. Lock your elbows out. Hold.

5… Retrace your steps back to your ribs, then back to the top of the position.

All of these movements are meant to burn calories, build muscle and help you move better. In the article titled, “The Hierarchy of Fat Loss,” resistance training, paired with a core movement, is the best ways to burn fat and build muscle. Check out that article here: http://bit.ly/HFLTNat

If fat loss is your goal, this style of training, along with nutrition coaching should be your top priorities. To help our community achieve their goals, right now RD is launching the 21-Day Shred. This is a 21 day program focused on giving you the information you need to succeed. Nutrition coaching, appropriate exercise and community support all come together to get you working towards your health and fitness goals. Click the button below to learn more!