RD Workout: Deadlift, USB Pull Through, AR Press

Cliff Notes:

1… Compound movements (exercises that use multiple joints), are big calorie burners.

2… Deadlifting = Shoulders above hips, hips above knees.

3… USB Pull Through is a tough plank variation. Hips still, pull the bag slow.

4… The AR Press allows you to recover but also challenges your core and hips to stay stable.

5… Do these 3 movements, in a circuit for 10 minutes.

At RD, our first recommendation for meeting any fitness goal is resistance training. This style of exercise combines appropriate “weight lifting” movements to engage as many joints and muscles as possible. Using this approach burns more calories than any treadmill, in less time, and encouraging the person to build a stronger body. 

This week, we’ll explore one circuit we put our clients through. In our small group training, we combine one upper body and lower body movement, combined with a recovery or core exercise. Members perform this circuit for 10 minutes and are asked to follow either their MyZone Heart Rate Monitor or their breath to determine rest. Working yourself to a pant has it’s place, but when you’re trying to focus on learning a skill or lifting something heavy, having a steady heartbeat is optimal.

Kettlebell Deadlift:

To lose fat and add muscle, learn the deadlift. Use a kettlebell and follow these coaching points:

1… To start, stand over the object. Feet are slightly wider than hips and your toes are turned out slightly.

2… Keeping your spine neutral, guide your butt back for the wall behind you to create tension through your butt and hamstrings.

3… Find your grip and pack your shoulders away from your ears.

4… Once you're set, push your feet through the floor to stand. Get tall. Lock out the knees and squeeze your butt. 

5... To finish, guide your butt back towards the wall behind you and push the weight down to the start position. 

The deadlift is one of the most effective movements for burning fat, but make sure you’re doing it right. Find the tension in your hamstrings and butt. Your hips should be below your shoulders and above your knees. If you have an doubts, use a mirror or a friend to make sure you’re hitting those criteria. 

USB Pull Through:

There are zillions of plank progressions. The Ultimate Sandbag (USB) Pull Through is an effective variation because it not only challenges your plank, but it forces the body to drag an object across midline (the center of your body in the vertical plane). This is very beneficial for your brain as well as your body! Here’s how it goes:

1… Find your push-up position, except hands are close (within the width of your shoulders) and your feet are wider than your hips.

2… Place an object next to you (sandbag, kettlebell,small pet). 

3… Keeping your hips still, grab the object and drag it across your body.

4… Replant the hand you just used, find your tension, grab and pull the object with your other hand.

5… Repeat until you lose the ability to keep your hips still.

The USB Pull Through is a TOUGH move. Keep in mindy our hips should be still. To get feedback, place a dowel or water bottle across your lower back. Also, drag the bag SLOWLY. The first thing people want to do is shovel the bag from side to side. The slower the better. You’ll get more benefit by stopping when you’re smoked than “cheating.”

Half Kneel AR Press:

Our core/recovery movement this week is the AR Press. This is one of our favorite movements, especially for beginners. It’s easy to perform allowing the client to concentrate on form over “reps.” To start…

1… Set up with one knee up and one knee down far enough from the band that you get resistance. The outside knee is up.

2… Start with your hands in front of your heart.

3… Maintaining position, take a deep breath in and press the band away.

4… Pause at the end, then return your hands to your chest.

5… Repeat.

AR means anti-rotation. You’re resisting rotation as you press the band away. This, just like a chop or a halo, is about maintaining hip position as your upper body performs a movement. This strategy helps lock down any new hip mobility we may have gained, while giving us a stronger core. Remember, don’t lean. Stay tall and maintain integrity. 

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