RD Strength Guide: Half Kneel, Bottoms Up Hold

An effective fitness system uses a methodology that allows anyone to be successful. Everyone's body is different, so each person is going to need their process tailored to them at some point. That's what RD does best. We find the right way to approach people's exercise strengths and weaknesses to make their experience as effective as possible. 

That's what we have here. Not the sexiest movement, the half kneel, bottoms up hold looks harmless. However, for someone who's not ready to press overhead yet, this can be a stepping stone to that movement. The position of the kettlebell and the way it's held in the hand make this "simple" movement one that can get your heart rate up without much effort. Here's how it works:

1… Start in half kneel, one knee up, one knee down. Your shoulder, hip and knee should be aligned. Front foot should be straight ahead.

2… Grab a kettlebell and hold it by the handle, bottoms up. That means the heavy part isn’t resting on your arm, it’s hovering over your fist.

3… Pull your elbow to the floor and keep your chest wide.

4… Give yourself a heel/toe rock. Pick up your toes, then your heel, which will keep you stacked

5… Breathe. Maintain your position and get deep, belly breaths.

Use this movement as a progression towards overhead pressing or as a recovery movement in between other exercises.

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