RD Strength Guide: Eccentric Stepdown

Spend time on one leg, it's good for you!


Over the past 30 years, exercise has traditionally been done sitting or standing on two feet. When members start at RD, they're often surprised by the difference in strength and balance between each leg. Single-leg movements, like the eccentric step-down seen here, help build equal strength in each leg. Here's how it starts:

1… Find a step or box or bench that’s at a challenging but manageable height. One foot is planted on the edge and one is hanging off.

2… In the beginning, grab a dowel,TRX or rings for stability.

3… Push your butt back towards the wall behind you. Like a deadlift, your knee will bend, but not travel forward very much. 

4… As your foot hangs off, and your butt travels back, breathe deeply as you descend towards the floor. 

5… Keep traveling down towards the floor, with control, until you touch the floor.

Bonus benefit: Single-leg training has a huge impact on the metabolism. Any non-offensive pattern that is foreign to your nervous system packs a powerful fat burning punch! If you're balance is solid, add weight!

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