RD Strength Guide: A-R Press

At RD, our Small Group Training sessions couple an upper body movement with a lower body movement and then finish the set with a core movement. The AR press is one of our favorites. It's simple to learn and improves the stability of the core and hips. Here's how it works.

1… Set up with one knee up and one knee down far enough from the band that you get resistance.

2… Start with your hands in front of your heart.

3… Maintaining position, take a deep breath in and press the band away.

4… Pause at the end, then return your hands to your chest.

5… Repeat.

AR means anti-rotation. You’re resisting rotation as you press the band away. The key is to maintain position as your upper body performs the movement. If you find yourself wobbling, move your front foot out to the side to broaden your base.

Exercises like this, the halo and the chop, lock down any new hip mobility we may have gained, while giving you a stronger core. Remember, don’t lean. Stay tall and maintain integrity. 

Not every "core" exercise is a crunch!

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