RD Member Testimonial: Lu's Story

Lu Writes:

Sometimes you know what your fitness goal is. Sometimes you don't. For some, it's to have a better looking body, for me it was to get stronger. Before joining Results Driven (RD) my exercise mostly consisted of running on a treadmill. And although I felt my stamina increasing I just didn't feel as strong as I wanted to be. I looked around locally and found RD, so I went in to check it out.
What I saw were people performing exercises that I wanted to do. I scheduled an appointment to come back to go through a movement assessment to see what my level of mobility and flexibility was and to have a body composition analysis. Based on those, the coaches put together an exercise system and offered nutritional counseling to help me achieve my goals.
I can honestly say that between the guidance and instruction the coaches provide and the motivation I feel when I'm in a group exercise class I feel somewhat addicted to "going to the gym." Everybody is friendly and encouraging and the camaraderie makes it feel more like a team event and less like just going to "work-out".
Now two months later I'm proud of the increase in muscle mass and decrease in fat that my latest analysis showed. I'm committed to making 2016 the year I finally made a change in my body and I know that it has a lot to do with what the Results Driven team provides.
So, if you're local to Monroe, NY do yourself a favor, come in and take a look. You'll probably walk out feeling inspired to achieve whatever fitness goal you've been too afraid to take on. - March 2016

Almost a year later, Lu continues to be a leader in the gym. Always smiling, encouraging and assisting those around him. Wednesday night, he says, "goodnight" to new members as they leave the gym after a 7:30 workout.

People like Lu set the tone at RD. It's a welcoming place. We knew Lu was all in when he got his heart rate monitor. Only 2 weeks in, we were all still getting to know each other. We read "Lunatic" on the screen and asked around to find out who that was. It was the big haired fellow in the corner, quietly doing his thing. 

Thank you Lu for walking in that afternoon. You're just skimming the iceberg of your strength potential. Good job this year!

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