RD Member Testimonial: Beth's Story

Mom. Blogger. All Around Bad-ass!

Beth's been a member at Results Driven for almost 2 years. When she started with us, the coaches remember one demand, "I don't want to crawl on the floor." What do you think happened? She crawled. This is not a story meant to emphasized that we don't respect people's wishes, it's to highlight that Beth has done everything her coaches have asked her to do. She has the results to prove it!

Her recently strength bench marks include a 40k swing, lots of push-ups, a Turkish get-up with an 18k bell, and working towards the kettlebell snatch. She also wrote a blog for us back in August detailing the mental shift she's experienced since working out at RD (Click HERE to read). She also gets an honorable mention for working hard on her own nutrition and for always posting delicious recipes like "plantains with spicy beef and avocado sauce, and some Mexican-style cauliflower rice."


We really appreciate her work ethic and are very happy she decided to become a member at Results Driven. Watch her story:

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