Power Play: Tall Kneel Chest Pass

When was the last time you moved fast? That time there was a spider in the shower? The ability to move quickly is important. Losing this movement quality could increase the risk of injury further down the line.

Your ability to move an object fast is called power. As we age, this is a primary skill we lose. The National Council on Aging tells us, “Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults.” Being able to move fast to catch yourself is useful, don’t you agree? 

One way we develop power at RD is with medicine balls. A tall kneeling chest pass is a great way to create upper body power and increase your ability to control your core. Plus, it's fun! Here’s how it works:

1… Find an object you can move fast. Members want to choose a heavy ball because it’s the gym and they have to pick up heavy stuff. Not in this case. 

2… Set up far away from a wall or partner. Get far enough away that it takes some effort to pass the ball that far.

3… With both knees down, get tall. Squeeze your butt and turn your belt buckle up. This will help control your core.

4… Deep breath. Exhale and drive the ball away from you. 

5… Don’t lose position. Resist folding in half or losing balance. Stay tall.

This is a low impact way to start developing power again. Remember, power is about speed. Choose a light ball, pet or cousin to toss. Progress by standing, half kneeling or getting a heavier object when the noise wakes the neighbors. Power is important. People, smarter than us, agree!

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