Portion Control: It's In Your Hands

Healthy eating and weight loss is about giving your body the food it needs to operate optimally. This means eating quality foods AND eating enough of them. For DECADES, people have been programmed to calorie count and restrict their diets. This leads to "cleanses" and rapid weight loss plans where you eat a grape skin and cottage cheese for a 7 day quick fix. We can all agree... that's not healthy. 

To get out of the mindset of restriction, we want you to use your hands, literally. Precision Nutrition posted an infographic (button below) explaining how to eyeball your portions, using the size of your hand, palm and thumb, to help you eat an appropriate amount of food with every meal. 

Here are some takeaways:

1... Read it all the way to the bottom. This may seem like too much food for you and PN offer tips if that's the case.

2... If this is a new concept for you, don't worry about being perfect. Get one meal a day like this and you win!

3... Addition not subtraction. If you're trying to make a change, don't dwell on all of the things you have to stop eating, but instead focus on the new stuff you can add. No one likes having things taken away.

Does this seem reasonable?

That's how "diets" should be.

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