One for the Commuters | The Fitness Show

Results Driven is located an hour north of New York City. A lot of our members are commuters, others work desk jobs or drive vehicles like busses. 

Most of us who are into health and fitness have heard people say, "Sitting is the new smoking." We don't take it that far, but to put it lightly, sitting definitely does not enhance our wellbeing. 

In this episode we offer 4 movements to do before or after your commute to ease the tight hips, shoulders and low back. After that we answer some more nutrition questions from our Super U! peeps!

The Take-Away:

Pre or post commute movement circuit

Supine Breathing:

1) While laying on your back, have your knees bent and feet closer to your butt.
2) Place your hands on your abdomen and spread your fingers.
3) Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth
4) Concentrate on going extremely slow to encourage a deep breath into the belly.

90/90 Breathing:

1) Start with your feet out in front, a little wider than hips, then rock your knees over to the right, 2) Take your right shin and move it so it’s parallel to your left thigh.
3) From there, turn your belly button and heart towards your right knee.
4) Sit up tall, then lean your whole spine forward.
5) Lean forward until you feel a stretch, then breath through it.

Quad T-spine Rotation:

1) Start in quadruped, hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips.
2) Rock your butt back to your heels and bring your hands half way to your knees.
3) Plant the left hand on the floor and reach across your to grab our ribs or your shirt with the right hand.
4) Breathe in, look to the right, then exhale and rotate, looking over your right shoulder.
5) Pause at the top, cycle another breath then return to the start.  

Mini-band Bridge:

1) Lying on your back have your legs bent with heels close to your butt.
2) Put the mini-band around your wrists.
3) Take a deep breath in, grip the ground with your toes and stretch the band.
4) Push your feet through the floor to bridge up.
5) When you finish your exhale, bring your butt back to the floor.


Nutrition Questions!

Q: Does black tea count toward water consumption or should we consider it the same as black coffee?
A: Treat black tea like black coffee. Beverages with caffeine are diuretics, so it will deplete you of some water. However since it does not contain calories from milk or sugar, having it does not count against you.

Q: What is the difference between a healthy fat and an unhealthy one?
A: Precision Nutrition defines a healthy fat as “relatively unprocessed fats from whole foods”.  Typically people define healthy fat as plant based fats like olive oil, avocado, and nuts.

Animal fats like the fat from grass-fed beef, salmon, and high quality eggs  are also “healthy”. The key is to get your fat from a variety of different natural sources.  

Fats that Precision Nutrition considered unhealthy are trans-fat, hydrogenated fats like margarine, and most shelf-stable cooking oils (safflower, soybean, corn oil)

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