Nutrition Decisions: What Drives Your Choices

Right now, it’s an uphill climb for those trying to make progress on their health and fitness goals.

There’s more social events, sweet treats, and comfort foods now more than any other time of the year. It’s our job as coaches to help members have fun and minimize “the damage.” To do this, we need to educate them and give them strategies to implement. 

Here are 3 ways to help make better choices this holiday:

1… Be Honest With Yourself

Ask yourself, “Is this important to me?” Then, draw a line in the sand. Sometimes it takes a little frustration and some brutal honesty to make choices that will move you towards your goals.

2… What’s Your “WHY?”

As humans, we latch on to stories. Create a narrative in your head. Did a parent have failing health because of their food choices? Are you being a role model for your kids? Do you want to be a better you, who lives into your 90s? Paint a vivid picture of why you want to succeed and what it will be like to get there.

3… Get Your “Results” Colored Glasses On

In the moment, it’s helpful to have a lens to filter your decisions. Ask these questions to yourself to get you through tough situations:

A) Will this have a negative affect on my health? (if yes, proceed to (B). If no, good work.)

B) Does THIS choice prevent me from choosing something else that will have a negative impact on my health/results? (If yes, you win! If no, find a healthier option)

In the end, it’s all about the data. At Results Driven, our fancy InBody scale tell us if your choices have guided you towards your goal. If not, we go back to what habit you’re working, review your food journal, to see what changes we can make. If the data tells us you’ve made progress towards your goal, then, success. If you don't have a fancy scale, take measurements.

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