No Boat, No Stream: Inverted Rows

Row, row, row yourself, foo (Mr T. voice).

There are 3 upper body movement patterns, carrying, pushing and pulling. All three patterns can be done in the vertical and horizontal planes.

Nerdy enough?

Horizontal pulling is what we want to cover today, more commonly referred to as a row. The inverted row is an easily accessible movement for most that can teach you a bunch of things. For us, this is a prerequisite for a pull-up. It can reenforce a proper plank. The inverted row an even give us insight into a stronger push-up.

Here are the finer points for the inverted row:

1… Grab the rings or TRX with straight arms and walk your feet in towards the wall. Keep in mind, the closer your feet are to the wall, the more difficult this movement will be.

2… Find your tension. Squeeze your quads and butt to find a nice plank (straight line from shoulders to heels). Take a deep breath in. 

3… Exhale as you slowly pull your chest to the rings. As you pull, don’t let your shoulders creep up to your ears. Instead, concentrate on pulling your shoulder blades down and across your back.

4… Pause at the top. Find full tension. Continue squeezing your quads and butt while keeping your shoulders away from your ears.

5… Push the rings away. Instead of just lowering yourself down, ACTIVELY push the rings away. This will create even more tension and set you up for a quality next rep.

After reading the coaching cues, it’s easy to see how inverted row carry over to so many other exercises. Since this is a pulling exercise, this is a great stepping stone for the pull-up. If that is a goal of yours, really focus on steps 3 and 4. Keeping the shoulders down helps engage the lats, which is your most powerful muscle group for vertical pulling. 

Row Yourself to GREATNESS

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