Nina's Nutrition Before RD

Recently on an episode of The Fitness Show we discussed three nutrition hacks for people trying to make progress in a short amount of time. One of those tips was eating every 2 to 4 hours.

Here, Nina talks about her experience with nutrition before RD, and how she feels since she's started eating more frequently. Check out the tips below on why eating every 2 to 4 hours is important and how to get started!

Why is Eating every 2-4 hours important:

1) Eating frequently helps keep blood sugar levels consistent. When people skip meals, or have big gaps between meals, and then follow it up with a large meal, they're more likely to have large peaks and valleys with their blood sugar.  If you're trying to drop fat, or gain muscle without adding unnecessary fat, you'll want to keep blood sugar levels more consistent throughout the day.

2) Eating frequently can help with energy levels and make it more likely you have some will power later in the day to make good choices, at least from a nutrition standpoint. 

3) This approach also helps us make sure we're eating around the appropriate amount of calories. Starving the body actually does the opposite of what people believe it will. When we frequently decide to skip meals, our body's metabolism slows down. We hold on to our calories because we haven't evolved form thousands of years ago when we didn't know where our next meal might come from. Eating more frequently puts our body in a better position to burn fat.


How to implement eating frequently into your life:

First off, make sure you're addressing the pre-requisite habits of eating slowly and stopping at 80% full. After that, eating every 2 to 4 hours is really about planning. Do you eat the 3 square meals each day? Well, then all you have to do is find 2 snacks to fill the gaps.

If you don't eat frequently at all, what can you do to start eating more frequently? Here's a great blog post we put up a with 10 RD approved snacks. Healthy eating is all about adopting better habits into your life. Start eating more frequently and see how you feel!

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