Movement Monday: Shoulder Fixes

We're stressed out. We work at desks. We drive and have old injuries. 

Shoulders are a tough nut to crack in terms of restoring range of motion. The number one ingredient is going to be patience. Do exercises like these everyday and chance are you'll see some change. 

Many people report to us that they can check traffic easier after movements like the ones below. They can put on coats more comfortably or scratch their backs. Try these if you want to get your shoulders and upper back moving better.

Crocodile Breathing

Breathing is a great way to start to get the shoulders to relax. Here's how it works:
1) Lay on your stomach, hands stacked, elbows out to the side, forehead on the hands.
2) Shoulders, hips, ribs, toes are all relaxed as can be.
3) Using the floor for feedback, get a deep belly breath in, feeling your "belt buckle" push into the floor.
4) Slow breath out.
5) Think 4 count in, 7 count out for 2 minutes


Upper Back Foam Roll

To create more mobility, we would have you foam roll your T-Spine. 
1) Set up on your butt. Lie back like your sitting in a recliner and rest on the foam roll.
2) Pick up your butt to apply pressure to the upper back.
3) SLOWLY roll from just below your shoulder blades to just above your shoulder blades.
4) Find spots that feel less than pleasant and BREATHE.
5) Go up and down once or twice.


Tall Kneel Plank

Now we want to teach the shoulders to stabilize with the tall kneel plank.
1) Set up with on your knees. Knees should but kind of wide.
2) Hold a bell that's slightly heavy but which also allows you to breathe.
3) Like crocodile breathing, get the breath low.
4) If the breath feels comfortable with your eyes looking ahead, turn your head to either side and repeat.
5) Get 5-10 breathes in each position.



Last but not least, we need to get the shoulders moving. Halos can do that for us.

1) In either tall kneel or half knee, start with the kettlebell upside-down in front of your face.
2) Begin by moving the bell towards one ear, turning it on its side.
3) Continue bringing the bell around your head, to the other ear, then back in front.
4) Retrace your steps going back the way you came.
5) Maintain good posture and breathe getting 3-5 reps in each direction

Look, Move and Feel Better!

It Starts with Committing to 30-Days