Movement Monday: No Pain, No Gain Pt1

NO PAIN, NO GAIN... right?!

That's not always true. Like Dan John says, "Everything works, for about 6 weeks." What got you from point A to B isn't what's going to get you from B to C to D. Reaching your goals, whether they're centered around vanity or performance, takes periodic shifts, and some might seem counter intuitive compared to what you think you know.

Watch this video. Coaches Ed and Mike breakdown some of the common misconceptions around the "no pain, no gain" mentality, and strategies to avoid the plateaus that can come with it.

Cliff Notes:

1) Doing more isn't always going to get your more. If you want to become a millionaire, are you going to work 10 jobs at once or have one lucrative business venture? Instead going all "square peg, round hole," make each choice count.

2) Seek the help of a professional. You can guess or employ the help of a coach who does this kind of stuff. Maybe their advice is something simple like a movement screen, rest or extra exercises. If your goal is important to you, it's worth the investment.

3) Gains are achievable without pains. There shouldn't be actual joint or muscle pain during exercise. Sharp pain is a no-no. There's a difference between pain and extreme discomfort. One is productive, one isn't.

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