Movement Monday: More Output, More Input

We ask our bodies to put up with a lot. We want it to keep up with us all day long, and most of the time, it does a pretty good job. One thing most of us fail to realize however, is that the body does need to recover. Sleep and couch time alone are not enough.

In this installment of Movement Monday, we give you some food for thought in terms of recovery. In the gym, we want to GO, GO, GO! Eventually this, "no pain, no gain" mentality will lead to a breaking point resulting in injury or a plateau.

Don't let your hard work get stunted by too much hard work. Watch the video, enjoy the outtakes, and take away a few tips from experienced coaches who help others navigate the murky waters of recovery.

Take Aways:

1) Asking more of your body in terms of performance or body composition means more recovery techniques have to be explored. 

2) Improve your sleep, nutrition or enlist the help of a manual therapist to keep you healthy while making progress towards your goal.

3) Take stock of life's stresses. Both good and bad stress can take their toll on the body. Understanding the stresses in your life can help you compensate for them.

4) Just because we're taking rest seriously doesn't mean we can't workout with intensity. We want people to make smarter choices to allow the body to recover.

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