Movement Monday: Light vs. Heavy Weights

Choosing weights, especially for our community who are mostly new to lifting, is an interesting topic. Ladies worry about getting bulky, men just want to lift all the heavy things, and both populations don't want to hurt themselves.

Here Coach Mike gives you 3 things to think about when choosing your weights and some advice on how to progress your training.

Cliff Notes: When choosing a weight...

  1. Choosing a lighter weight bell in the beginning allows for more reps which allows for more practice. Your margin for error is also wider, which makes practice safer.
  2. As your skill improves, find a weight that gives you feed back but that still allows you to experiment with the exercise.
  3. In ballistic exercises, this is a situation that as you’re learning the skill, a heavier weight can help you to create the necessary power. The heavy weight can help you learn. Going with a heavier weight can force you to go slower to refine your technique which will apply later on when you’re trying to learn to go faster.
  4. Base your choice on your goal. If fat loss is your goal, higher reps is going to be better for fat loss. Lower rep ranges are more geared towards strength. There are situations we encourage people to choose a lower weight if their goal is fat loss. Sometimes refining the skill, using a lower weight, allows members to progress the exercise, which will later down the road help them get strong.

Lifting Can Help You Reach Your Fat Loss Goals!

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