Movement Monday: Learning to Swing Pt. 1

If you want to get strong and live a healthy life, healthy hips are important. What's one exercise to build strength and mobility in the hips? The hinge!

Over the next 4 weeks, we're going to go over how we take someone from the ground floor to the penthouse suite, at least in terms of hinging. Explosive hip exercises like the kettlebell swing are effective for strength building and torching calories. Follow along so you can learn this ins and outs of this powerful pattern.

Take aways:

A FMS screen or a simple toe touch can tell a coach if you have the hip mobility and strength to start learning parts of the hinge. If these two assessments are pain free and meet the movement standard set by the FMS, you're cleared to start learning the hinge.

Meeting the standard just means your joints can absorb and adapt to the stress they will be put under. Off the bat, we don't have people deadlifting 100s of pounds, but even the smallest weight can affect the body negatively if your hips don't have the prerequisites needed to perform the exercise.

Next week we'll go over 2 of our favorite exercises to help clear these 2 assessments; foam rolling and the 90/90 stretch. 

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