Movement Monday: Lateral Split Squat

“Front to Back, and Side to Side.” - UGK

This hip-hop lyric is reflective of the amount of time we spend moving in different directions. We are very “front to back” kinds of people. Going “side to side” isn’t something we do often. However, one of the best additions you can make to your exercise catalog is any exercise where you move outside of the “front to back” plane.

Enter the lateral split squat. This is a challenging strength movement, that will leave you sore but stronger. Isn’t that what we all want? Here’s how it works:

1… Start with your feet wider than you feel comfortable with. More than likely, it’s going to be 1.5-2x the width of your hips.

2… To descend, begin by sitting your butt back like you’re reaching for a bench.

3… In a perfect world, the depth you’re striving for is your butt parallel with your knee.

4… Corkscrew your foot into the floor to set your knee in a strong position. 

5… Continue to push and dial that foot as you come back up to your tall, standing position. Repeat.

Keep in mind that your knee shouldn’t come forward very much. This isn’t a squat where your knee travels forward. Instead, the knee bends slightly, but most of the depth is being achieved from the hips. If you’re a beginner, grab a set of rings or a TRX to help you learn the motion.

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