Movement Monday: How the FMS Opens Doors

We encounter 2 types of people at Results Driven. People who are far along on their fitness journey and looking for something to take them to the next level, and people who have not exercised in a long time that want to get started.

At Results Driven, both of these types of people start in the same place; the Functional Movement Screen. As you'll find out from the video below, the FMS helps us navigate the strategy we take when getting you to your fitness goal.

No matter where you are now, we can get you there, if you're willing to take the steps necessary. Check out how RD coaches approach training our members.

Take Away:

  1. The FMS lets us know what "door" we need to open to improve your movement profile.
  2. While we work on movement, we also work on general fitness through training in different positions with different implements.
  3. Even if everything with your movement and body is funky, and as long there's no medical reason you can't train, there is definitely a place for you in this system. It all comes down to communication and patience.

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