Movement Monday: Getting Muscles "Firing"

It's Movement Monday! We took a question from our community today asking how to get muscles that are "lacking" "firing" again.

Here at RD, we rarely look at one muscle by itself. We typically look at movement patterns because no one muscle fires alone. 

Check out Coach Mike's advice for anyone who's been told they have a sleepy muscle or check out the cliff notes below!


Cliff Notes:

> Make sure there's no pain, and if there is, that it's been examined by a medical professional.

> When you want to get a muscle "firing" properly, respect the developmental sequence:
1) mobility
2) Stability
3) Strength

> Also screening. Honoring progression (pain -> mobility, stab. strength. 

>Sometimes a “weak core” isn't a reflection of the "core" but of an underlying issue. Following the progression above, you're able to weed out dysfunction to get to the root of the problem.

> Once the appropriate pattern has been identified, look for the positions that are safe to train in. Breath will be the indicator of whether or not you're able to train in a certain position.

> Finding the best positions and exercises for the lacking pattern will allow the dysfunctional muscle to start working better!

> The Functional Movement Screen helps personalize your mobility and stability so you learn to know what you need for you specifically.

Reach Your Goals!

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