Movement Monday: Explosive Deadlift

How do you get to kettlebell swing?

At RD, the kettlebell swing is a movement everyone wants to perform. What can you do to learn to swing faster? Try the Explosive Deadlift!

1... Start in a the traditional deadlift stance. Feet a little wider than hips, butt back, gripping and breaking the handle of the bell.

2... Take a deep breath in. Exhale and drive your feet through the floor like you're going to jump!

3... Lock out HARD! You're trying to avoid any wobble or sway. Get tall, squeeze your butt and quads and brace your abs.

4... Descend back to the floor, loading tension the whole way. Dial your feet into the floor, pull your hips apart, continue to break the handle.

5... Pause at the bottom, don't lose tension, and repeat.

The deadlift is the foundation of the kettlebell swing. Without it, the swing is unsafe. Bridging the gap between deadlift and swing is what RD coaches do best. It always comes back to a drill like the Explosive Deadlift. Happy (almost) swinging!