Movement Monday: Deadlift Progressions

In our last Movement Monday video, we brought you through the progressions we bring our members through when we're teaching them to touch their toes. Touching your toes is a prerequisite for deadlifting.

In this Movement Monday, we take you through the deadlift progressions we promote at Results Driven.

Progressions You Should Try:

Butt to Wall Drill:
1) Start 2 foots distance from the wall.
2) Feet are slightly wider than hip width.
3) Reach your hands out in front.
4) Push your butt back toward the wall behind you, bending your knees slightly.
5) Tap, then come back to standing

Deadlift Bottom Iso:
1) Stand DIRECTLY over the bell (like you laid an egg).
2) Push your butt back just like the butt to wall drill.
3) Hands come down to the handle of the bell.
4) Squeeze the handle and connect the upper arm to the rib cage.
5) Dial your feet and create tension to help your body learn the position.

1) Stand with a kettlebell in your hands, feet just outside hip width apart.
2) Place the bottom of the bell on top of your belly button.
3) Pull the handle apart to connect your upper arm to your rib cage.
4) Hinge. Push your butt back just like the butt to wall drill.
5) Find your deepest hinge, then stand up tall.

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