Movement Bank: Stronger Push-ups in 5 Steps

Shoulder Tap Plank:

Planking is a great way to strengthen your core, but making your abs reactively stabilize turns the intensity up a notch. The Shoulder Tap Plank is a great progression to typical planking. By taking an arm out of the equation and slowly tapping your shoulder makes the body find a new level of stability among the 3 remaining limbs. 

1… Set up in a push-up position, except feet are wide and hands are close. 

2… Spread your fingers wide to improve your connection to the ground.

3… Slowly shift your weight to your right hand. Root the hand by dialing it into the floor.

4… Pick up your left hand and tap your right shoulder, keeping your hips CRAZY still.

5… Slowly find your hand back to the floor, shift your weight to the other side, and repeat.

The keyword here is SLOW. Find maximum tension in your quads, butt and lats and take your sweet time tapping your shoulder. This is a move that requires no equipment but the pay-off is huge.