Movement Bank: Prying Goblet Squat

Stretching should serve a purpose. In the book Simple and Sinister, Pavel says “We (StrongFirst) do not stretch just for the heck of it. We stretch to remove the brakes that prevent us from fully expressing our strength.” 

The prying goblet squat is a staple stretch in the StrongFirst system that opens up the pelvis and hips. Here are the finer points:

1) Grab a light kettlebell by the horns;

2) Start by pushing your knees out, keeping the ball of the foot and heel connected to the floor;

3) Sit back slightly, as if aiming to sit on a curb and go down as deep as you can without pain;

4) Wedge your elbows inside your knees and push your knees apart (keeping your foot connected); Imagine you’re “widening” your pelvis and pulling the hip joints out of their socket.

5) Stay in the bottom of the squat and relax without letting your spine round. Shuffle around, adjust your stance if need be and pop up.

Mix this in towards the end of your warm-up to prepare for goblet squats or front squats. 

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Tsatsouline, Pavel. Simple and Sinister. Reno, NV: StrongFirst, Inc, 2013