Movement Bank: Hanging Hollow

A stronger core doesn't come from crunches...

Hanging isn’t just for arcades and primates anymore. Humans are doing it too! If you’re looking for an unorthodox way to get a stronger core and learn a new skill in the process, this is it. The hanging hollow is a triple threat! You will strengthen your core, learn to hang and silently be working towards a pull-up. Too cool! Here’s how it goes:

1) Find a grip slightly wider than your shoulders. 
2) Suspend yourself from the bar and pull your shoulders away from the ears.
3) Bring your feet out in front and squeeze your knees together.
4) Start to shorten the distance between your belly button and your ribs. 
5) Further reinforce your core tension by pushing your hands into the bar, like you’re trying to bring the bar to your toes.

If you're new to hanging, the Floor Hollow is effective entry level position (above). All the same tension strategies apply, but now you have added feedback from the floor. Follow all 5 steps, plus, push the small of your back down into the floor for more intensity.