Movement Bank: Contra-Lateral Deadbug

Funny name, scary strength.

Ants carry 5,000x their body weight. A dead bug can’t, but the point is, bugs are strong. If you want to be as strong as a bug, this core move is for you.

Here are the finer points:

1… Set up on your back with your knees stacked over your hips, feet perpendicular to your knees, and hands reaching for the sky.

2… Keep your right hand and left leg still, as you extend your left hand and right leg out straight.

3… Come back to your start position and replicate on the other side, remembering to keep your other limbs still.

4… Turn up the heat by driving the small of your back down into the floor. If you feel the lower back come up, stop just before that spot, pause, then return to your start position.


Deadbugs look silly from the outside, but the carry over to planks, push-ups, pressing, and hanging are unbelievable. Add them to your warm-up or use them as an active recovery exercise.

Source: Journal of Biomechanics