Memorial Day Meltdown 2016 Finale

6 weeks ago, a group of 50 or so people came through the Results Driven doors, some of them for the first time. As mentioned in our previous blog post, it's understandable that there is a little tension in the air when people come to a new gym. There were many polite hand shakes and smiles with a thin layer of, "what the heck am I doing here," frosted on top.

That night, RD Coaches explained what was needed to win this challenge: add RD Coaches as friends on Facebook, join our secret MDMD Facebook group, ask questions, review the meal plan, and schedule workouts. The evening ended with wine and cheese and a lot of newbies joining the crazy RD collective.

103 participants later, both members and non-members, The Memorial Day Meltdown kicked off on April 18th in a 5:45am class with 18 people! To provide some context, 5:45am classes normally have a solid crew of 6-8 people (God bless their souls).

After that, it was a rollercoaster ride. The RD coaches had 50 new faces and names to remember. People they had never met were slamming and pushing sleds, and getting sweaty as all get-out! The MDMD Facebook group was blowing up with trash talk and questions about the meal plan. People were buying in.

Our beautiful members looking less sweaty than usual (thankfully)!

Our beautiful members looking less sweaty than usual (thankfully)!

6 weeks later, 336 workouts, and a whole lot of chicken and protein shakes later, it all came down to June 2nd, 2016. Everyone was dressed in their Thursday's best, and at that moment, the changes that they had made set in. The physical changes were everywhere. The ladies were standing a little taller than when they started in April. The group as a whole understood the gravity of what they had just accomplished.

After a few group photos, it was time for the proverbial, "moment we've all been waiting for", it was time to announce the winners. Coach Mike said a few words, and then the female individual winner was declared. This member has trusted RD for 2.5 years, and was a part of the original New Year, New You challenge in 2014. She's someone who has always put the ball in RD's court to get her the results she was looking for, whether it's deadlifting 255 pounds or dropping fat. As her name was announced, everyone erupted for Sam Buckley!

After announcing our overall male winner, Patrick Toole, who was unable to attend, it was time to reveal the team winner. $3000 was on the line. The top 4 teams came to the front; 11 people and a cellphone with a team member Skyping in. The winning team was determined by the total percent of body fat lost and muscle gained.

Congratulations to Ashley, Zack and Beth (on the phone)!

After 6 weeks, a male, a female and a cellphone threw up their hands in victory! Zack, Beth and Ashley walked away with a cool $1000 each and bragging rights. 

The evening slowly came to an end as a great group of people had their last pieces of cheese and headed home. Thank you to everyone who participated. The RD Staff takes these kinds of events very seriously - there's a certain amount of pressure that goes along with challenges because healthy living is not easy. It can be an uncomfortable process. Between workouts and changing eating habits, while fitting it all into the routine of daily life, people come in with the hope that this will be the thing that gets them on track.

Ultimately, RD Coaches are there to guide everyone to make the changes that will help them succeed, but it's important to point out that all of these people did the leg work. They did it! They lost fat, gained muscle and were forced to go buy new clothes because what they were wearing just 6 weeks ago didn't quite fit anymore. 

As cliche as it sounds, the fact that these people put themselves out there and completed this task, made them all winners. The hope is that just one person walks away with the confidence to know they have the power to change their own life.

Congratulations to everyone! 

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