Maximizing Movement

If time is indeed the enemy of fitness, how do we achieve our movement goals when we have so little of it? To maximizing your workouts there are a few easy action steps to take…

Reasons Why We Need to Maximize Our Fitness

  1. Time is precious and we can’t create more of it. Let’s face it: There’s never enough time in the day. We have an ongoing to do list of things that need accomplishing and people to take care of.

  2. The motivation is gone and nowhere to be found. It’s been a while since we’ve exercised and it’s just not a priority anymore. Again, the amount of other tasks on hand are enough to keep us out of the gym.

  3. We feel as though exercising is only effective if we workout for two hours a day, five to six days a week..

Tips for an Effective Workout

  1. Utilize Progressive Resistance Training - Lift heavy s***. Continue to lift said s*** until we need to lift heavier s***. Resistance training is a surefire way to elevate the metabolism and keep it elevated well after the workout is finished.

  2. Favor Lower Body Moves - “Bang for the buck” moves are those that focused on the lower body but tax the whole system. Movements like squats, lunges and deadlifts (and variations of the three) incorporate the entire body and multiple muscle groups. Adding a press-out to a lunge or a row to a lateral deadlift allows us to check several boxes in a limited amount of time.

  3. Try Interval Training - Set a timer for fifteen to twenty minutes and pick an interval type. Either train for half or twice the amount of rest time. Pick a few exercises that train several movements and get going!

Whether you’re a full-time employee, stay at home parent or someone who has a difficult time making themselves a priority, you can maximize the small amount of time we have to move your bodies. When all else fails, just move!

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Fitness is Fun!

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