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Q: Who are our members?

A: BUSY PEOPLE! Hard workers looking to get in shape!

In this episode of The Fitness Show we tackle time. First we meet Mrs. Emma McKay! With a new job, a young daughter and a family like everyone she had to figure out how to make time for fitness.

After that, we've got a dynamic warm-up coming your way. If we're battling time, a quick warm-up will get us ready for a quick workout!

Managing Time

Time is the biggest fitness obstacle. In today's day and age we're always on the go! In this episode we met Emma. With a job, young daughter and family to take care of, she had to find time for fitness. 

How was she successful?

First, she just knew that fitness was something that needed to be a part of her life. There were times when her daughter was younger where fitness took a back seat and she wasn't able to attend classes as much as she would have liked. That didn't stop her though.

Now, she gets in to the gym 3 days a week. 3 hours is all she needs to commit. Emma joins 2 5:45am sessions each week and one Saturday workout. BOOM. DONE. 

For anyone at home reading this, you can do it too! How many days a week can you commit to some type of exercise? Is it 2 hours? 3 hours? Most of our members average between 10 and 16 appearances a month. That's 10 to 16 hours out of 720 in a month that members delegate for exercise. Isn't that insane?!

Emma said at one point she set aside 10 hours a week to workout. She HATED it. Most people don't need that. 2 to 4 hours a week is all most people need to get in better shape. All they have to do is look at their schedule, decide when they can exercise and stick to the plan. Are you going to walk on the treadmill? Do a routine when you get home? Find a local gym where you feel comfortable? Dedicate yourself to the process and you'll see the change over time.

Quick Dynamic Warm-up

Check out minute 6 of the video where Coach Mike brings you through a quick dynamic warm-up! If we are crunched for time, a quick, effective warm-up is crucial to getting in a fast workout.

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