Making Progress: Upping Your Frequency

Everyone wants to make progress, especially when it comes to exercise. Whether it's a person just getting started or someone with experience, they're expecting to see change.

Here, Coach Ed and Coach Mike discuss exercise frequency, and why just adding a one or two extra movement or workout days can start to move the needle. Check out the video and the notes below!

Take Aways:

A good rule of thumb is choosing a 4-6 week block where you can dive all in, then choosing a 6-8 week block where you throttle back. Rinse and repeat.

Adding extra exercise frequency is effective, but remember, doing extra shouldn't be a long term strategy. Most people do extra, then do MORE, leading to burn out or wear and tear injuries.

Also, learn more about recovery. Your engine can't redline forever, but that doesn't mean you can't make it to the destination ahead of schedule. Learning about healthy sleeping techniques, nutrition and stress reduction can stack the recharge the batteries faster.