Making "Pour" Decisions

Follow These Tips for Summer Drinking!

The Summer and July 4th in particular, are times for pour decision making (we enjoy a good pun, alright!). With countless barbecues, parties, and peer pressure, nutrition and healthy choices tend to fly out of the window. This doesn’t have to be the case! It is possible to drink and have a good time, while staying on track. 

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“Work Hard, Play Hard.” Isn’t this the way a lot of us look at health and fitness? “If I hit the gym a lot, I’m allowed to eat and drink whatever I want this summer!”

We’re here to remind you that it doesn’t work that way. Just because we had a good day or week at the gym doesn’t mean we can “cash in” on all of our hard work with five rounds of fuzzy navels!

At the same time, our fitness and nutrition goals shouldn’t have to suffer if we want to enjoy the fruits of our labor. With that being said, finding harmony between living our lives and being practical is very difficult, but important! It takes time and practice to find that sweet spot. If we’re going to party, let’s be smart about it…


What’s the Buzz?

  1. Avoid gluten-containing alcohol- Gut inflammation is a huge factor of poor health. If we’re going to get tipsy, it’s best to stay away from alcohol that contains gluten to keep the inflammatory response to a minimum. Try potato based alcohol like vodka, or tequila which is made from the agave plant.
  2. Don’t indulge in poor food choices while drinking- We can choose to have a few libations, but combining that with other “empty calorie” foods/drinks can set us back in terms of fitness goals. Stick to lean proteins and vegetables.
  3. No added sugar- Alcohol has enough to begin with! Margaritas and rosé fizzes are delicious, but their sugar content is extremely high. Sugar wreaks havoc on the gut and just about every other system in the body. Try having a cocktail straight, on the rocks, or with seltzer/tonic water.
  4. Try hard seltzer- This trendy new(ish) drink is usually about 100 calories and relatively low in sugar. Be careful though, they taste just like regular seltzer!

     If we want to cut loose and live, we just have to find what works for us to stay balanced. Don’t let alcohol sabotage your goals. Remember to set a baseline measurement for your goal so you can find the balance between living it up and making progress.

Oh, and Happy July 4th! Please drink responsibly (and don’t do anything we wouldn’t!). 

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