Making 3 Good Decisions

We all lose motivation!

Here, Coach Ed lays out his, "3 good decisions" approach. Losing motivation isn't a big deal. Reflect, then decide the next step to continue making progress. Action steps below!

The Takeaway:

When people start at RD, we ask how we can help them, and the number 1 answer is accountability. Accountability simply means to account for one's actions. To most people that means the coach will check in with them to see how they are doing on their process goals  either training or nutrition.

What if you just aren’t in the right headspace to track every day?

Scale back from macro, to micro tracking. Find a way to make 3 good choices every day.

Making better decisions daily, committing to a number, and tracking is a simple way to ensure you can have top of mind awareness, without the overly structured nature of food journaling.

For Coach Ed, this has meant:
1) Ironing clothes for 2 days, because he wants to work out the next morning;
2) Having tea instead of coffee in the mid morning to curb excessive caffeine intake; 
3) Bringing an extra meal to work, just in case he gets stuck late.

Whether you’re food journaling, making 3 good decisions daily, tracking your workouts or making an effort to reach a water consumption goal, you are consciously bringing your focus to the task at hand, which helps us keep health and fitness top-of-mind.