Less Supplements, More Results?

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You’re always looking to get the most out of your hard earned dollars.

You want the Wagyu but settle for skirt steak.
You’d love to hit up Cabo but think LBI is nice too.

Why can’t this be the case for supplements too?

GNC, Amazon and local stores all have SHELVES of multivitamins, probiotics, fish oils, calcium, magnesium and vitamin d3, 4 and 12. Then, when you consider buying all of them the price range is extreme.

How can the $18 bottle be as effective and potent as the $125 bottle?
How many do I have to buy to feel better?

And what about those ads? This one is good for skin, hair and nails and that one relieves bloat. At the end of the day you’re in the hole and take over 40 pills a day. Your pill box looks like an Advent calendar.

Welcome to the health industry. It’s most likely that individuals want to help you and large companies want to screw you. Very sad but true. People are becoming more aware of the need for supplements, so supply and demand means a lot of business’ trying to capitalize.

Long-winded rant over.

What’s this blog post really about?

The supplements we recommend and how to get your money’s worth…

1) Multivitamin

Most people (especially in the U.S.) don’t get their nutritional needs met through food alone. We can go into how our soil isn’t the same as it once was, but another time, another internet tab. This is where the multi comes in. A full spectrum multivitamin will have a shite ton of vitamins and minerals that are bioavailable to the body. One per day.

2) Probiotic

The gut is known as the second brain. That butterfly feeling you get in anxious situations isn’t because there are actual butterflies in there, it’s from your gut bacteria (insert bad bug pun here). Alcohol consumption, food allergies, stress and certain medications diminish the these bugs in your gut. Taking a good probiotic will help enhance the immune system, improve overall health and keep the G.I. tract happy. One per day.

3) Omega-3

Ah, the fishy burps after you take a fish oil supplement. Who doesn’t love that? *dry heaves* Okay, not all omega-3’s are made equal, but why take one in the first place? EPA and DHA are in cahoots with your eyes and brain. An ideal intake of these oils also support cardiovascular health and cholesterol maintenance. One per day.

Bottom line: Supplements are needed nowadays. Instead of going for a major haul, try the few we believe are most important and go from there. Maybe extra vitamin D or calcium will do you some good. For now, take a chill pill.

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